POPPY SAYS: The ladies had their day on Sunday 30th July 2006 at the Coolangatta Hotel, playing a round robin best of 3 event to decide the NSW ladies national team and the NSW ladies single champion. Everone was “smoking” and I mean smoking, smoke breaks were the order of the day one of the drawbacks of the no smoking policy in hotels especially for pool players. Never mind the day went well and all the 12 ladies put in their very best efforts.

Congratulations to the players who won through. Mel Malone finished 3rd in the round robin but triumphed in the final 4 playoff beating Ann Mclauchlan (who played out of her skin in the round robin) firstly then taking care of a slightly incapacitated Kirsty Teale in the final to become NSW ladies single champion. Standing behind Kirsty’s dad during the final was interesting, Graeme has some great footwork and I would love to watch his reactions when Kirsty and sister Sammy play off in a major final.

 Kirsty had beaten Judy Williams, who had won the round robin section, to make the final and had her chances in the final but just missed a couple of turning point shots and potted the black and went in off once and that about sums it up for Kirsty. The other 3 players to make the side were Sammy Teale, Jo Buckley, and Tracey Wessling so all in all a pretty competitive team with a good balance of youth and experience there. This ladies team is the best we have sent away and are genuine contenders for the Australian title, go girls. Those who didn’t make it in finishing order were Vanessa, Lorraine, Vikki, Amanda and a jet lagged Tomo who has spent too much time gallivanting overseas of late to be at her best. If anyone pulls out that is the reserve list in order.  


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