Introduction.  The open team was determined through a series of qualifying competitions played during the year and this was finalised approximately six weeks before the championships were due to start.  Unfortunately, due to unforseen circumstances, some players were not able to fulfil their original obligations and their positions were allocated to the next qualifiers.  This considerably weakened our team although we still had the players to remain very competitive at state level.

Team.  The team registered to play consisted of:
John Spink (Captain)
John Wheeler
Travis Crawley (Sydney wildcard entry)
Barry Kitchener
Geoff Atkinson
Brian Green
Tony Ivanov
Dene Heremaia
Brenton Field
Brian Cameron
Terry Stevens (Manager Women)
Steve Chapman (Manager Open)

Strategies.  A team meeting was held the day prior to the championship beginning for all members to meet each other and to discuss strategies of play.  One of the strategies agreed to by all, was that we as a team, would try to perform at our best possible level and that selection to play in each round would be performance based.  In other words, if you were performing badly you would become a reserve and another team member would be played.  This determination unfortunately, was not adhered to by all, despite my requests and recommendations to do so.

Venue and Operation.  The Chan building was quite suitable with food and beverage catering well planned and operated.

The overall operation of the championship was good with the main criticism being the lack of umpires available for those duties.  This led to some bad umpiring decisions at critical times because of the inexperience of some of those performing this role.  This point was addressed at the Umpires and Rules meeting and will be rectified next year by having each state provide umpiring staff.
Percentages.  As statistics became available I compiled percentages on each player.  This information was well received by most and I believe served as a valuable guide to one’s performance.  This however, was rejected by John Spink who stated that individuals did not want to know how badly they were playing.  I continued to produce these pages until I became sick of them disappearing after being presented to the players at the venue.

Performances.  As a team performance, I was disappointed.  I stress here that most team members were dedicated and gave their all however, some individuals did not want or know how to become part of a team and raise their performance level accordingly.  Some players treated the whole experience as one big party and not as a serious representation of your state in your chosen sport.  It became obvious that as we moved further into the championship we were not going to be serious contenders for a final three placing.  This further gave individuals an excuse to be under achievers and it became even more of a mediocre event.
The role of team manager is reasonably demanding and must be performed at a high level of involvement with all team players and officials alike.  Without conscientious effort from the manager many things can go wrong.

If we are serious about producing the best possible team with a strong desire to win, I believe the roles of the manager and the captain must be clearly and concisely documented with all lines of demarcation established prior to attending the championships.  This is essential for the smooth running and management of the team.

Additionally, I recommend that all potential state players be tested on world rules and be presented with and agree to our state mission statement and player expectations (yet to be formulated) relating to codes of conduct and performance of players whilst attending national championships.

Yours Sincerely,
Steve Chapman

POPPY SAYS:        NSW 8ball singles championship.

The NSW 2006 8ball singles title was played on Sunday 18th June at the Coolangatta Hotel. A pretty handy field of 24 runners contested the best of 15 games event, 23 males and I female in Joe Buckley turned up to play which was great to see (Mel Malone is still overseas after the world titles so was unavailable). Joe was outed in the first round by a rampant Oscar Wild but a $100 consolation event for first game losers was played and that saw her go through to the final only to be touched out by Dean Heremia.

2006 Percentage

POPPY SAYS: The ladies had their day on Sunday 30th July 2006 at the Coolangatta Hotel, playing a round robin best of 3 event to decide the NSW ladies national team and the NSW ladies single champion. Everone was “smoking” and I mean smoking, smoke breaks were the order of the day one of the drawbacks of the no smoking policy in hotels especially for pool players. Never mind the day went well and all the 12 ladies put in their very best efforts.


The 5th and final qualifying playoff for the NSW open team was played at the Coolangatta Hotel on Sunday the 9th July. A really good field of 38 players turned out with many playing although they had already qualified and Rusty who is already in the team via his singles title victory there as well, and for the team spirit down the track that is a really positive thing. The committee will be pushing hard to get crown lager on board as a sponsor and save the boys a small fortune.

POPPY SAYS Byron Bay 14th May 2006.

Another great day at Byron, 35 players turned out which was great, especially Gene Peterson, Scott Wright, Ben Smith, Scott Bradley, and Biri who travel big kilometres to play and are improving at every comp. Good one guys. 

POPPY SAYS: Another successful playoff was held at the Coolie Hotel to start and finished at Dolphins Hotel at Tweed Heads, our thanks go out to both venues especially to Wayne at Dolphins for saving our butts and giving us a table to finish it up on for as long as we needed it after we had to finish up at Coolie at 5pm (No fault of Geoffrey’s). 56 players turned up to do battle, and it was a great day had by all. Many old faces (some very old, sorry Captain) were there and some refreshing new faces as well, Jo Buckley came from afar (Yamba) and played really well and brought her own cheer squad which was great and will add a lot of starch to the ladies comps. Rusty Cheshire came out of hibernation, Matty and Vanessa came to the party and Vanessa played the best I have seen her play and finished equal 2nd with Anne McLaughlin behind Mel Malone for the highest placed lady.  The potential ladies team is shaping up really well with Sammy, Judy, Jamie, Kristy, and Tracey and a few more in the mix it looks to be a very competitive team.


        POPPY SAYS: Well the 2nd NSW playoffs have been run and won and what a successful day it was at the Great Northern Hotel in the heart of Byron Bay. Each player was presented with a Byron Bay Classic 2006  t-shirt sponsored jointly by Rick Slater (who played) and Rick Christian of (the site to go to for all Byrons entertainment and news), the Great Northern Hotel who also provided a splendid venue and our many thanks to Laurie, Robbie and all the staff who helped make the day the success it was, and last but not least the hard working tournament director Damien Smith who along with his lovely wife Jodi manage Gosamara Luxury Apartments 53 Shirley Street Byron Bay ph (02) 6680 8711, fax (02) 6685 8067. The logo was designed by Tom Denham of Creative Tattoo Art at Byron and the final product was excellent. Thanks to them all for their support.


It's back on, the scramble to qualify for the NSW state teams. The first playoffs were held at the Coolie Hotel on Sunday the 19th February under the control of Tournament Director Geoff "silver" Atkinson. What a way to start with 37 in the men's double elimination draw and 7 in the ladies round robin draw.

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