Big Baz NSW Masters 2008

 NSW Open Doubles Championship


NSW8BALL open playoffs 2008

Saturday Sunday 9.00am

Coolangatta Hotel

Qualified players to be paid up by 9.30am.

31 Ico2008 Singles Champion: Peter Watt

With Travis Crawley his lovely wife and young son Jack galivanting around Europe at the moment it made Wattys charge to his third NSW singles title a bit easier but not by much. More to follow as I just lost the report that was all but finished by not saving it as I went. **#% it.

NSW8BALL open singles champion 2008 is Peter Watt, 2nd Gavin Hansen,3rd Jason Levesque, 4th Poppy.

Since the inception of the NSW open singles in 2005 every winner has been in the Australian open singles final at some stage of their careers with 2 outright winners. That shows the quality of our event. Prizemoney this year was $1000 and our goal is to raise that each year until the event is a must for all NSW pool players and we will eventually play it over 2 days. That is in the near future.

Today 30 players did battle in the best of 15 (best of 7 in the back half) double elimination event, and it was a very strong turnout. Top seed was Watty, 2nd seed Bronson Blackmore, 3rd seed Micky Allan, 4th seed Dene Heremaia. The fist round with Watty and Bronson getting byes through went pretty much according to the seedings except for 7th seed Brian Green getting belted by Sticks Torpy. Josh King pushed Northy to 8-6 as did the Captain Steve chapman against 4th seed Dene Heremaia. Jason Kyranis,

Mr Bean (pictured) aka Craig Johnston and Rob Pleming all got home 8 zip then Bronson looked good in putting out toughnut Wayne Randall 8-3 in the 2nd round which saw things open up a bit more Credo (pictured) pushed Watty all the way and 8-4 wasn`t a true indication of the closeness of the match. Credo is coming along in leaps and bounds. Northy 8-5 over Jason Levesque, Damien Smith got over Geoff Atkinson 8-5Mr Bean came to live and belted Dene Heremaia 8-2 anoth sluggish start by Dene. Bean then overcame team mate Damien Smith 8-5 and it looked like it might be his day as he was on a gimme out to go to 3-2 up against Watty in the first Semi final. Oops he missed and the miss saw the old gremlins come back and he never won another frame 8-2 Watty. Watty in the main final Mr Bean out the back where he played well but went down to Jason Jevesque 4-2 to end up +5th. Good effort by the Bean.

Meanwhile in the other front half I blew a 5-1 against Rob Pleming, lead and Micky after a close tussle 8-4 with Ryan Feekan (pictured) in the first round nearly blew an unbeatable lead but picked himself up to outlast Gold Coast identity Jason Kyranis 8-7 but couldn`t keep the magic going and was outlasted by team mate Rob Pleming 8-5. It was all happening in the bottom 8. Greenie out early then Gavin Hansen took out Sticks 8-4, a good day for sticks who then went down to Gold Coast 8ball President Mick Green 4-3. Gav then absolutely smashed 2nd seed Bronson 8-1 who was a bit shell shocked and went down to Jason Levesque 4-3 to have an early exit. Gav the took out Rod P 8-1 who then went down to Poppy 4-1 and another was on his way home. Team mates Watty and Gavin in the main final but Wattys experience shone through and he went through 8-3. In the back half Poppy had got through past Jason Kyranis 4-3 after being 3-1 and Jason being nice to me then past Wayne Randall (pictured) 4-1 who finished top 8 with Dene Heremaia who went down to Jason Levesque in a disappointing day for him especially after the All Blacks had gone down to the Springboks the night before. Jason then slipped past me 4-2 but couldn`t quite match Gavin so it was back to Gav and Watty. Gav beating watty twice in best of 15 frame matches was never really an option and Watty got the title.

It was a good day and as I said earlier the more popular this title is getting will see us push the prizemoney out and take it over 2 days in future if we continue to get the support the event deserves. State titles deserve best of 15 formats then the very best player on the day takes the honours.

Now its on to the open team playoffs next week on Saturday and Sunday at Coolie Hotel 9.00-9.30 pay up time. Start right on ten.

Watty(3) Rusty(3)Travis Crawley(2)

Peter Watt 2005-07 Rusty Wheeler 2006 Travis Crawley 2007

NSW8BALL open singles 2008

Sunday 13th July Coolangattta Hotel 9.30 start

Open to all players that have not tried out for another state.

Cost members $50 Non members $70

Double elimination best of 15 format (best of 7 back half)

Winner gets a spot in the NSW8Ball State team 2008

Prizemoney Subject to numbers

eg 32 draw $1000.00

Players must be paid up by 9.30am on the day.

Enquirees Poppy 0403 945 678


Image002OK the playoffs are done and dusted with only the open singles left for players to qualify, 30 players have qualified with 9 that can qualify if they play the open singles. So all in all a great result for 2008. Several wildcards have also been given into the playoffs to players from as far out as Newcastle, Lithgow, Albury Wodonga so that will add to the playoffs.

The 5th and last ranking tournament saw 37 players do battle and it was a terrific day with the tables lightening fast and even mostly level as well. With the North Coast grand final day on Sunday 29th June at Coolangatta Hotel (18 teams playing off) this is going to be short and sweet as I am pushed for time to get the finals all set up and running for Sunday. Watty, Geoff, Irene, Northy??? and me will be at Coolie Hotel at 8.00am Sunday morning cleaning up after a Saturday night function and putting in 9 tables, brushing,ironing, levelling them and all the fun stuff. Any of you out there are welcome to come in and lend a hand.

Credo had to play Callum first up which was a bummer and Callum made him pay for a couple of blemishes from 2 zip down in the best of 5 double elimination format. Dene Heremaia seeded 2 found out the harsh realities of losing first round when he had to play 9 straight matches to rest the final through the back door. He did it though only to be belted by Watty 3 zip who had slipped past me in the main final 3-1.

MelLadiesSingles JpgTravis Crawley Tv3 JPG(2)"Moo" Malone got the cash for the leading lady so that should cover her expenses on her England trek with the Aussie girls team leaving tomorrow. Good luck to her and Travis Crawley our mens rep in their endevours. The late start to the World titles sucks as it cost both of them defending their singles titles.

Micky Allan, Geoffrey, Greenie, Barry King, Jeff Peters, Mark Morrison, with myself and Watty made the last 8.

C0QXICAS9XRSMCATX3JCDCAKDS1Z9CA2L2MZGCAR15XNQCAFCL9O7CAPX4FS4CAAM2KQNCA4EA2DCCAAUWM3NCAZ7G35DCASK1377CA1PVOUYCAVIKW8OCAPS40S6CARCJK07CA5TGM7VCATB30SGCAWQY460All the work is in front of us now but we will be a much stonger group at the Nationals than previously. Bring it on.


Great Northern Hotel

76 Spring Street

South Grafton

New South Wales 2460


open singles $700 1st 300 2nd

mixed doubles $300 1st 100 2nd

and also ladies comp 300 ist 100 2nd


also repacharge for first round losers trophys as well
Ph 0266432242


NSW8ball 4th ranking tournament:


Travis Crawley Tv3 JPG(1) Rusty(2) Watty(2)Mr Bean(2)

2007                                                  2008                                     2009?                                               2010??


Getting down to the wire now only one play off and the singles to go and things are looking good. We played the 4th ranker at Coolangatta Hotel upstairs and with all the tables relevelled,brushed,ironed and with brand new aramith balls the games (well most of them) flew through. The back tables were ultra quick and it was a pleasure to play on them even when you flew past the possie you played for. 41 players were there even mickey Allen and Sterling finally got motivated maybe because it was their last chance.

HS8ZDCARFS4ADCA6Q5KF4CAK5H0PHCAGJ4M2WCA62EMH2CAR839YRCAL2B046CACG5I9BCA6AKQIHCAAUQOHQCANZYNXBCA3RLZDWCABOH4ABCAI3G126CAJZ0USVCA5XERGNCAV06717CATAMRXACAUDVO7S(1)Joe Buckley was first out the door, she reckons the market takings go down when she is not there. Annie got the cash for the leading lady for the 3rd time in 4 playoffs so she is flying at the moment even Mr Bean has a new respect for her game after being punished and sent home early. Jason Kyranis had to go early following an emergency call but his forfeit to Annie might have been a blessing in disguise for Jas. Early rounds saw our Aussie ladies rep belted by Watty, Jason Kyranis before his early departure reckoned he was favourite for the day after dispatching Dene Heremaia with aplomb in the first round. Alas we will never know Jas. Annie and Watty reckon you were only ducking them. Hmmm. Northy looked like he was going to have a good day after giving it to Masters rep Dennis Watt then belted (his words) former Masters champion Steve "Captain" Chapman but found the much younger Bronson Blackmore a different story and couldn`t stay with him over the best of 5 sprint. Birthday boy (oh to be 23 again) Callum Wade suprisingly to some but not to me made it a bitch of a weekend for Credo (the mighty St George Dragons Dragon 2having demolished his beloved but wimpish Sea Eagles the night before) but Callum also stumbled when it came to 3rd seed Bronson. 4th seed Greenie fell in against Mels twin brother Jack who had sent Newcastle to the back half early but found a resurgent Barry King too tough then tumbled out to a fly by nighter in Paulie Bacon who had exited in the front half courtesy of my good self. Sterlo (back from his invincible "I am unbeatable" form of the first playoff) ended up in a little block with Judy williams, Stocky and Mickey Allan and after Manchester Uniteds big week Mickey was of course the victor. I managed to sneak past Barry K and Mickey later on. Mr Bean was doing the chest pounding thing early (he stopped when he found that it hurt and he bruises easy, or is it his ego that bruises easy hmm never mind) in winning a grudge match with Kingsley but then after a flyer against silver he found the Silver fox too crafty and eventually sucumbed to him, Beanie did fight back in the losers half until Annie happened. Annie had been bashed by Watty early but was unlucky to find the Northy luck in fine form after belting Mr Bean but she was still the best lady on the day. Watty was doing his thing in the front half and after Gnoma, Rod P and Annie he then put Bronson to rest to make the front half final where he very very luckily got over some one. ah me thats it, actually he had no luck but sounds good.

KBCWGCA2218RICAJLTF4CCA0DJVPBCAF1V62HCAVPZSIKCA03BNFACAFVJL3DCAZ9OUSUCAY28HOICAI3II7MCAMZIS3ZCA097I2XCAUOSWZKCADGIZQ7CA8FEM29CAJ24P1RCA9KALAZCA7G2D2YCAH2TCS7So it was the losers back half doing battle to face Watty, nice thought to have to beat him twice. Off home early had been Josh (leaving his dad to carry the flag) Dean Whitchurch, Newc, Pedro, Fisho. Wayne Randall, Kristie. Tracey, Jason Levesque (who was out of sorts again) Min, Vikki, Mel "moo" Malone and twin Jack (have to do everything together except go to England) and Kerry Watt. Plus a few more tragics, Steve Geraghty found out the folly of losing first round and facing the prospect of having to play 100 odd games to reach the final, but did a mighty effort to get through 5 games without a break, actually he had a break every second game, and only going down finally to the Silver fox.

Northy got lucky with Annie but his luck didn`t hold against Mickey Allan while Silver suffered the same fate vs Bronson then Mickey belted Bronson and alas brought me to my knees to reach the final with Watty. Wattyb went for everything and Michael sai ta Watty and thumped him 3 zip but then Watty tightened his game up and ran out the winner on the day 3-1. Agood days pool and my thanks to everyone for helping out (I only had to run up and down the stairs 169 tomes instead of the usual 301 times maybe I should delegate to someone f"i"tter like Northy).

Art3 Jpg(6)PLAYER OF THE DAY: After much deliberation by the judges panel it had to go to Steve Geraghty for his tremendous effort of 6 games straight on the day. Alas he went home early and his prizemoney for player of the day was put on the bar as it should be. Cheers stevo.

Footnight. Stevo took his form into the North Coast league ( on Monday night when his team the Heavyweight scaused one of the upsets of the year when they drew with prmiership favourites Brent reads Eels 8 all.

A great day, see you in a month, same time same place.
Cheers Poppy.



NSW8ball 3rd Ranking Tournament:

Art3 Jpg(4)Better late than never. We all treked down to Casino for the 3rd ranker (not "the" casino) and it really is a terrific venue for pool. 3 tables, great food and very friendly staff with a very good beer garden made for a great day. Our thanks to Oxford Hotel publican Brian for letting us use his venue for the 3rd year now. A pity no locals turned up to test themselves against us but they had the opportunity to do so. We had 20 players which will always be the case when travel is involved, slack pool players can`t make it out of bed. Many thanks to the players who made the trip. The girls with Jude, Joe, Annie, Mel Cassar and Patricia were well represented with Annie getting the leading ladies money finally after a tough battle. Jude had Greenie up against it early but let it slip. Wattys better half Irene had to work. The Ladies team is looking the best we have had.


Wayne Randall 1 Jpg(2)Jason K and Wayne Randall (pictured) made the trip down the night before but with a couple of shows at Casino on had to stay at Lismore for the night but came out firing on the poker machines on Sunday. Mr Bean didn`t show but his boss Rob Pleming and his own Brady bunch made it and he was stiff to be put out by me in the later stages. Sterlo and Mickey were notable absentees and have cut it very fine to qualify. Damo and Kingsley (who came with his lovely partner for the 40 minute trip down from Surfers, punched Casino into his GPS and nearly had a heart attack when 2 hours and 20 minutes came up, still the King got there about the time I expected him) my Monday night team mates were up against each other for the 2nd time in a row and the same result the King now 2 up and Damo hot to get back at him.


Brian Green JpgGreenie slid through after his early scare with Jud and Northy was poking along quietly (quietly? hmmm). It came down to Greenie having to beat Watty twice for the cash but they played once and that was enough. It was a good day only marred by Carolyn not gracing us with her prescence when she came past to pick up Joe on the way home to Yamba. Must have had a shocker at the Bangalow markets. Give me a call if you need any concrete mushrooms I am on a generous commission from the Yambe celebrities.

Ok that was short and sweet not so the trip home as I tagged Mark Morrison all the way following road trains up and down unpassable hills. With Watty nailing Rusty 6-1 in the Hervey Bay Classic last weekend our team form is looking better and better. Until next time at Coolie caio.


WattyWatty beats 2007 Australian singles champion in Hervey Bay final.

Peter Watt 2007 NSW singles champion (joint winner with Travis Crawley) took

Rusty  Wheeler to task in the final over the May day weekend after a tough run to the

final when he was 1-4 down twice in a race to 5 and survived.

RustyNo such drama in the final as he cruised

(if cruise is the right word when you are playing Rusty) to a 6-1 win.





ANNUAL MAY 8 BALL Competition

3rd, 4th, 5th, May 2008

$5,000 in prizes

Prizemoney guaranteed

Open to all players over 18 years of age

World Federation Rules apply

Singles entry fee $45.00

$2000 FIRST

$1000 SECOND

Prizemoney paid to 16th place

Entry fee to be paid by 9am 3rd May 2008

128 starters only

Draw by random selection

Pot luck doubles Sunday 4th May 2008

$700 prize money

Sportsmans Club opens 8.00am daily

Contact Brian Eadie 0407 031 252

Frank Boddy (07) 41289188

NSW8ball 2nd tryout.

8 Ball LogoNow we are in full swing and had a good field of 46 aspirants strutting their stuff at the newly refurbished Coolangatta Hotel. Minus a few notables mainly Mickey Allan and sterlo who failed to pass fitness tests after rough Saturday nights. Anyway they will be fit and well for the next try out at Casino on the 27th April. An excellent venue will Brian being a wonderful host for us every year.

Ok back to the present. First round and first major shock when Jude Williams took out the number 1 seed Peter Watt 3-2 and sent Watty to the back half and 100 odd games to get back into it. All the top half players were right behind Jude and she did a sensational job. The field was well represented by the young and not so young ladies. Fisho sent Jason Lavesque on his way in another upset while my team mate the Tile King Kingsley, ex Wales and WA sent another team mate and ex NSW captain ex Tasmanian rep, Damien Smith back to Byron Bay early. Lots of ex`s in my monday night team. Besides that the usual supects, Jude,Greenie, Bronson, Wayne Randall, Dennis Watt, Mel Malone, Dene Hereemia, Mr Bean, Josh King, Dean Whitchurch, Steve Geraghty and Silver (I managed to get through early as well) all pushed into the last 16. With Watty, Jason, Pedro, Newc all pushing through the back half their were no easy games to look forward to.


Wayne Randall 1 Jpg(1)The final 8 in the front half was taking shape as Wayne Randall (pictured) snuck past giant killer Jude, Bronson cruised past Kiwi Darrell, Fisho was flying and buried NSW masters champion Dennis Watt, Dene H took care of Stev G, I got lucky against Mel, Mr Bean was on fire vs Josh and Silver was to cagey for Dean W. Still Watty was slowly pushing through the back half.



Mr Bean(1)Down to the business end and with 9 tables in play it was all in cruise control. Bronson (without Sterlo in the field to pressure him) was looking good after taking out Wayne R then the Tile King who had scaled and gutted Fisho, Silver was looking equally comfortable after slam dunking Mr Bean (pictured) and just out lasting Dene H who had (luckily I have to say) brushed past me. As it turned out Bronson was to good for Siver and won the winners side and was into the final, and still Watty was pushing on out the back. Watty smashed Silver and so it was set that he had to beat Brobson twice to get the cash and glory. Earlier cash recipients were Mr Bean 4th Silver 3rd and a tie for leading lady between Jude, Mel and the Yamba superstar Joe Buckley. Bronson flew the boxes and raced to an early lead but alas for Bronson that was it and Watty got his head in front and that was the ball game.

It really was a good day and the tables played dead straight except for the rolls and we were all out in time to run into the booze bus that was sitting around the corner. Luckily we are all clean living 8 ball players and no one rang me to bail them out so all was well that ends well.

Any country players, ladies gents or masters who live 250ks plus from the Tweed or Sydneysiders for that matter who would like a crack at the playoffs give me a bell on 0403 945678 and we can arrange you to take part in the final playoffs without the massive expense of trying out every month.

Art3 Jpg(1)More from Casino next month good potting Poppy.

Travis Crawley 06

Travis Crawley



Tuesday and Thursday nights $200 subject to numbers.
Venue: Dolphins Hotel, across the road from Twin Towns Services club.
Entry fee $3.00
7.30 Start
3 tables all newly reclothed.
Further details call
Kerry 0404 781 105,
Poppy 0403 945678,
Watty 0417 608827.

NSW8Ball 1st ranking tournament 2008. 8 Ball Logo

Well we are off and running to get the best NSW teams yet assembled for the Nationals in Tassie in Oct-Nov and it looks great. Our first playoff saw a 50% increase in our average turnout from 2007 and a lot of players were still unavailable due to a range of reasons, the Captain laid up sick,Mark Morrison off in Adelaide at the Clipsel car racing for the scenery and free drinks,also Watty missing for the first time in years playing snooker (the result is a long sad story for another day) in Maxfield being a few cases in point.

Due to the large turnout we improvised on our double elimination format by playing half at Twin Towns and half at Dolphins capabley run by Vice President Peter North and his capable offsider Patricia Genegill and it all worked well in the main except for costing me a fortune in mobile fees. Our thanks go to both Venues without them and The Coolangatta Hotel supporting us we would really struggle.

We were due to start at 10.00QLD and actually got away at a reasonable time with the first upset in the first round as Joe Buckley (NSW ladies rep up from the bush on her own with her partner the lovely Caroline stuck with the task of selling magic Mushrooms (concrete of course) at the Bangalow markets) nailed young gun Trent Rodgers. Trent learnt a big rule lesson in that game which is good. A lot of flip of the coin games but no real upsets as the first round ended. Some good players were shunted into the back half of the draw including, Jude, Credo, Pedro, Newc, Wayne W, Beagle, Steve G, Fisho, Brownie, Sticks, Josh and the list goes on.Top seed Silver was upstaged by young gun Gavin Hansen, Mickey Allan trying out for the first time with Bronson, Sterlo, Jason Levesque, Stocky, put Deano W away, Greenie continued his fine form taking care of Rod Pleming, I got lucky with Joe (lucky?? only at pool Caroline settle down) Northy VP outed masters rep Dennis Watt, Bronson got new Gold Coast president Jason Kyranis, and in another minor upset Sterlo pushed new car owner Dene Heremaia (must have been a great deal to prise cash out of Dene) out of the main draw.

The back half was heating up with Birthday girl (on Tuesday anyway, don`t ask) Irene Watt locking horns and getting the better of Jude, and in the running for the $50 for the highest finishing "young Lady". The 8 in the first half was set and it was even money every game let me tell you. In the end Gavin touched off Mickey, Greeny shook his way past me, Jason L pushed out Northy VP (a bad round fot the officebearers) and Sterlo just kept on with a close fought victory over Bronson.

In the back Josh Kings dad was flying along in sensational style winning 4 straight, Annie Mc and Joe were bundled out and shared the leading lady honours. It was a good turn out fot the girls with MEl, Tomo, Tracey as well taking on the mere males and going well.

Getting close to the finish and Gavin was a tad ordinary and Greeny went into the main final and Sterlo kept going and pushed Jason L out. Sterlo said I am unstoppable today and raced into the final giving it to Greenie. In the end Greenie outed me and gave him another shot at Sterlo and the $200 prizemoney (also $35 each for 3rd and 4th plus $50 for leading lady in what is basically a fund raising tournament) but Sterlo just shut the gate 3 zip in the first and a second was not required. Good effort from all players and the next tryout at The Coolie Hotel on Sunday 30th March with Watty and a few more usual suspects back it will be another event not to be missed. Getting writers cramp catchya next time Poppy.


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