2012 Jan 01 NSW State Event Structure

Membership Fees:

  • Oridinary Member $25
  • Affiliated League Member $11

Nomination must be by your Regional League

  • North Coast: (Ryan Cretan)
  • Byron Bay: (Damien Smith)
  • Sydney: Men (Travis Crawley)
  • Sydney: Women (Jenny Budd)
  • NSW Regional: (NSW Committee)

Regional Leagues are expected to conduct FOUR Qualifing Events

  • Last Sunday of each Month (except April as of May long week-end)
  • 25th March (combinded Men, Women and Masters)
  • 22th April (combinded Men, Women and Masters)
  • 27th May (combinded Men, Women and Masters)
  • 24th June (combinded Men, Women and Masters)

Maximum Entrants and Fee (subject to affiliated League membership)

  • $50 Mens Team Trail  (24 Entrants)
  • $50 Mens Singles (open to all)
  • $50 Womens Team Trail  (16 Entrants)
  • $50 Womens Singles (open to all)
  • $50 Masters Team Trial  16 Entrants)
  • $50 Masters Singles (open to all)

Liminations apply to State Team Selections if numbers fall below 16 Entrants