2nd May 2020 the NSW 8 Ball Federation AGM

Good Morning Blues,

On Saturday 2nd May the NSW 8 Ball Federation held its Annual General Meeting in Sydney.

We have great pleasure in announcing that all the NSW committee positions were filled. (For the first time EVER)

We were faced with the extremely challenging situation of having the meeting attended by people via telephone & Facebook Live, but we did manage to get through everything eventually.

Here were the key AGM discussion points;
* Election of Office Bearers
* COVID-19
* 2020 Nationals
* 2020 NSW State Teams
* 2021 Junior Nationals
* 2021 Australia Cup
* 2021 Nationals – (NSW to Host)
* Affiliating Regional Centres
* NSW 8 Ball – Life Member Nominations
* NSW 8 Ball – Hall of Fame Nominations
* Sponsorship / Fundraising

The NSW 8 Ball Committee is loaded (from top to bottom) with professionalism, experience and commitment and we are aiming to take our sport to new heights across NSW over the next 12 months.

I would personally like to thank the members of the new 2020 committee for rolling up their sleeves and agreeing to give this a crack.

Pool players across the state of NSW should be filled with so much confidence that our sport is in great hands when they take a look at the ‘star-studded’ 2020 committee.

To the pool players of NSW I say this….
Jump on board, support us and believe in us.
Share our page, like our posts, spread the word.
We want new members, we want to get in touch with all regional pool associations across NSW.
If you have a friend that plays (ANY) cue-sport discipline and they aren’t on our page… then invite them to our page.
We want everyone to come together to help make our state the biggest and the baddest on the block.
We need your support to make this happen.

If anybody has any questions, please feel free to contact me via message, smoke signal or phone (0410 494 863)
All email correspondence to go via secretary@nsw8ball.com.au

Travis Crawley – NSW President