Brian Cameron – best lovingly known as ‘Poppy’


Poppy first joined our family in 1996, where he began in B grade. However, it was not for too long that he would remain there.
Poppy really is the perfect example of how love, dedication and passion for a sport, will make you a better player.
Poppy proved that the more time you put into your game – the greater the benefits and the rewards you will gain.
Not only through your achievements but also through your own personal growth.

It has to be said that Poppy really started growing from a quiet man into a huge personality when he began his, “Poppy says” reviews.
Many of us would log onto our North Coast 8ball website in anticipation of reading Poppy’s priceless, sarcastic, dry sense of humour remarks.
He lovingly found nicknames for all of us and would incorporate these within his reviews – while taking the mickey out of us, I might add.
So I strongly suggest for any of you, who might want to reminisce or want to feel the true essence of our Poppy, log onto North Coast 8ball website, for a warm-hearted laugh and a ’feel-good’ time.

All of us here today, know that Poppy had far too many achievements to mention them all – but the most favourable that come to mind are in 2007, when Poppy played the winning game in both the semi-final and grand final, where the tension was so high, that many of us couldn’t even watch!

Yet Poppy’s body language did not change and his strength of character won that match under very trying circumstances.
In 2008, which I am sure must have been Poppy’s most personal, proud achievement – when he won himself the title and became The International Masters Champion.
Poppy was the over-whelming underdog in this match, yet in true typical Poppy style, gracefully won it making us all, yet again, extremely proud of him.

Poppy was also a multiple Australian Masters Representative, NSW Masters Champion and NSW Open Teams member.
I am sure that every pool player here today, has his or her own special memory of being on the receiving end of a famous Poppy pot-out.
But what I am about to talk of now, is without a doubt, one of Poppy’s greatest passions and achievements.
He helped form and run the North Coast 8ball Association, in which he put a tremendous amount of time, thought and effort. In fact, without Poppy’s input – without his reviews and interpretations of players and team results, our Association would definitely not be the success that it is today.

Therefore, it must not go without being said, that in far more ways than one, our Poppy really is irreplaceable!
Outside of 8ball, Poppy was most relaxed when he was reading and sinking ‘more than the odd glass’ of fine wine – which of course went hand-in-hand with his love for cooking. He especially loved cooking for his mother, where I am sure they enjoyed many, many memorable nights together!

We also can’t forget that Poppy loved his AFL as a passionate Carlton supporter (but I’m sure none of us will hold that against him). He equally loved the All Blacks and the Wallaby’s, but just which team he was barracking for, depended solely on who was winning at the time.

Last, but certainly by no means least –
To Poppy’s immediate family –
I sincerely hope that through a group of us, who got together to write this with our hearts, you undoubtedly now know, that your son, or your father, or your brother, means so very much to so many people, who will deeply treasure the man that Poppy is.
Please know that he will remain forever within our hearts and in turn, be a part of who we are –
Simply because
He was a great man to know.

We love you dearly Poppy
Forever and Always
Your 8ball family