NSW 8 BALL Regional Coordinators

1: In order to improve service to our geographically dispersed membership, the NSW 8 Ball Federation Incorporated shall establish a network of volunteer Regional Coordinators, to serve without compensation at the pleasure of the Executive Committee.

2: NSW 8 Ball Federation Incorporated will endeavour to appoint one Regional Coordinator from each New South Wales geographical region in which substantial eight ball activity exists, or in which the Trustees desire to promote NSW8BALL League activity.

3: Duties and responsibilities of each Regional Coordinator shall include the following:

    • Respond to inquiries about NSW8BALL League from local journalists and prospective members.
    • Provide a focus for local NSW8BALL League activity.
    • Endeavour to make new NSW8BALL League members in the region feel welcome.
    • Offer technical assistance to local NSW8BALL League members to the extent possible.
    • Make public presentations about the NSW8BALL League from time to time.
    • Assist with the development of a NSW8BALL League Regional Website, if possible.
    • Submit to the Executive Committee an annual activity report, to be presented at The NSW8BALL Annual Membership Meeting.
    • Such other duties as the Regional Coordinator may choose to perform, subject to consultation with the Executive Committee.

4: Map of regional areas (reference only):

nsw 8 ball regional map