Western NSW 8 Ball Region

The Broken Hill Eightball Association was established in 1979 with the almagamation of the two Competitions that were playing at that time. There was an Argent Street Competition and a second Competition which involved the rest of the hotels in the City area. The Southern part of the town had their own Competition which consisted of 5 hotels. The South Comp were asked if they wanted to join the new Competition but declined and stated that they wanted to keep their own identity. The new Competition as it started to progress went from 12 teams in 1979 to 22 teams in 1983 all in one Division which meant that the season of that year went for 48 weeks.

The Committee in 1984 decided to have a Division 1 and a Division 2. The reason being, to try to shorten the Comp and also make it a bit fairer for the lower sides. There was a rule change which allowed the bottom four sides of Divvy 1 to be relegated to Division 2 and the top four teams of the lower Division to be promoted to Division 1.
In 1995 it was voted in at the AGM, that the Association try to become an Incorporated body and affiliate with the S.A. Eightball Association. This way Broken Hill would have a chance of participating in future State Carnivals and improving their skills against better players from interstate. At this stage there are 5 Divisions with approx 270 players, and as previously mentioned participate at the State Carnival. As well as a Tri-City Tournament against the Riverland and the Sunraysia Associations where they are held in high regard.

By Waso.