2007 NSW Open Team

All done and dusted. Two days of hard yakka after 5 play offs and we have the mens open team sorted. We have ended up with a good team out of it all. So without going into the pro’s and con’s , who was stiff and who wasn’t the NSW open team is as follows.
1: Travis Crawley – Captain. Singles rep. (Australian Champ and joint NSW champ)
2: Peter Watt – Singles rep. (Joint NSW champ and former Aust rep)
3: Daniel Crawley (A young Crawley following the family tradition)
4: Tony Ivanov (NSW member 2006)
5: Geoff Atkinson (NSW member 2006)
6: Dax Wasley (yes Wasley is a real name, superstar from Broken Hill)
7: Dene Heremaia (NSW member 2006)
8: Peter North (The big man is the greatest player of side in Australia,)
9: Poppy (just got lucky)
Manager Jeff Peters.

So all in all it is a very well balanced side and my congratulations to you all I know you will do NSW proud in Melbourne. Cheers Poppy.