2023 NSW Women’s Team and Singles

2023 nsw womens team and singles

Hi Blues,
The 2023 Women’s Team playoffs and Singles Championships were run and won over the weekend at NSW 8-Ball HQ.
In addition to the business of selecting our team and finding our state champion, the ladies had scotch doubles matches and scotch 6-red challenges which resulted in some great team bonding.
Melissa Commisso Crawley & Kate Harrison were crowned the scotch doubles 6-red dominators with a sub 30 second clearance! Well done ladies.

The state singles playoff were tight all weekend and even needed a playoff with 4th & 5th being tied.
Congratulations to Lisa Garvey on winning the 2023 NSW Women’s Singles Championships defeating Joelene Coffey 5-3 in a high quality final.

Semi Final Results:
Joelene Coffey (3) def Kate Harrison (2)
Lisa Garvey (3) def Theresa Whitten (1)