2009 NSW State Open Team

NSW State Open Team
1: Peter Watt (capt)        NSW Singles
2: Travis Crawley        Sydney Wildcard
3: Steve Woods        Sydney Wildcard
4: Bronson Blackmore    Committee decision to select
5: Peter North        NSW play-off #1
6: Duaine Bauer        NSW play-off #2
7: Dene Heremaia         NSW play-off #3
8: Dave Smallwood        NSW play-off #4

Peter North (5) advised he would play in the Masters team and some of the team events clashed.
The Committee offered the postion to Brian Cameron, could not attend all events. Then offered the position to Rob Fleming who accepted.

Peter Watt (capt) withdrew from the team.
The Committee offered the postion to Damien Smith, whom has solid state team experence as both captain and player. Damien accepted
NSW State Open Team as of 17th August
1: Damien Smith (Capt)
2: Travis Crawley
3: Steve Woods
4: Bronson Blackmore
5: Rob Pleming
6: Duain Bauer
7: Dene Heremaia
8: David Smallwood

9: Peter North
10: Steve Chapman
11: Jeff Peters
12: Brian Cameron

Singles Only Entrants
13: Brian Green
14: Ryan Feeken
15: Josh King
16: Barry King