Presidents reply:

Presidents reply:
I have had several calls from players who expected to be GIVEN a spot if a selected players withdrew.
As per the NSW8BALL AGM,
the singles winner goes straight into the team, second at the discression of the committee.
Team play-off, ONLY four go into the team, there is NO order after that. If you did not make the top four, then you are OUT!
Damien Smith was selected by the committee to replace Peter Watt,
Damien played at the nationals in 2004 won 15 from 41, 2005 won 20 from 42, 2008 won 17 from 42, (averaging 42%)
Damien also played prior to 2003 and has excellent communication skills as a team leader.
Brian Green (complaintant) played at the nationals in 2004 won 0 from 1, 2005 won 10 from 42, 2007 won 2 from 22, Now that about 18%
Do i have to say any more.

Greg Dingle
President NSW 8 BALL