NSW8ball 2nd Ranking tournament 30th March 2008

NSW8ball 2nd tryout.

Now we are in full swing and had a good field of 46 aspirants strutting their stuff at the newly refurbished Coolangatta Hotel. Minus a few notables mainly Mickey Allan and sterlo who failed to pass fitness tests after rough Saturday nights. Anyway they will be fit and well for the next try out at Casino on the 27th April. An excellent venue will Brian being a wonderful host for us every year.

Ok back to the present. First round and first major shock when Jude Williams took out the number 1 seed Peter Watt 3-2 and sent Watty to the back half and 100 odd games to get back into it. All the top half players were right behind Jude and she did a sensational job. The field was well represented by the young and not so young ladies. Fisho sent Jason Lavesque on his way in another upset while my team mate the Tile King Kingsley, ex Wales and WA sent another team mate and ex NSW captain ex Tasmanian rep, Damien Smith back to Byron Bay early. Lots of ex`s in my monday night team. Besides that the usual supects, Jude,Greenie, Bronson, Wayne Randall, Dennis Watt, Mel Malone, Dene Hereemia, Mr Bean, Josh King, Dean Whitchurch, Steve Geraghty and Silver (I managed to get through early as well) all pushed into the last 16. With Watty, Jason, Pedro, Newc all pushing through the back half their were no easy games to look forward to.


The final 8 in the front half was taking shape as Wayne Randall (pictured) snuck past giant killer Jude, Bronson cruised past Kiwi Darrell, Fisho was flying and buried NSW masters champion Dennis Watt, Dene H took care of Stev G, I got lucky against Mel, Mr Bean was on fire vs Josh and Silver was to cagey for Dean W. Still Watty was slowly pushing through the back half.



Down to the business end and with 9 tables in play it was all in cruise control. Bronson (without Sterlo in the field to pressure him) was looking good after taking out Wayne R then the Tile King who had scaled and gutted Fisho, Silver was looking equally comfortable after slam dunking Mr Bean (pictured) and just out lasting Dene H who had (luckily I have to say) brushed past me. As it turned out Bronson was to good for Siver and won the winners side and was into the final, and still Watty was pushing on out the back. Watty smashed Silver and so it was set that he had to beat Brobson twice to get the cash and glory. Earlier cash recipients were Mr Bean 4th Silver 3rd and a tie for leading lady between Jude, Mel and the Yamba superstar Joe Buckley. Bronson flew the boxes and raced to an early lead but alas for Bronson that was it and Watty got his head in front and that was the ball game.

It really was a good day and the tables played dead straight except for the rolls and we were all out in time to run into the booze bus that was sitting around the corner. Luckily we are all clean living 8 ball players and no one rang me to bail them out so all was well that ends well.

Any country players, ladies gents or masters who live 250ks plus from the Tweed or Sydneysiders for that matter who would like a crack at the playoffs give me a bell on 0403 945678 and we can arrange you to take part in the final playoffs without the massive expense of trying out every month.

More from Casino next month good potting Poppy.