2005 3rd Ranker

 Once again there was a wide spread of cuests from all over, and very competitive they all were to. Billy Crompton was back from his tennis injury and once he learns the rules he will be a huge danger (to himself), he actually forgot his glasses and played better than ever. He came up against my good self in the 2nd round and tried a few shifty moves but the adjudicators were right on the ball, you have to watch these old snooker players they will try anything. Great effort from fellow Byron Bay star Dave Ostling (Davo) who hammered Geoff Atkinson 3 blot and played very well on the day to get 5th place, Geoff ended a dirty day going down easily to the roller door king Mark Morrison in the losers side. J Latta nearly caused the upset of the playoffs when he had Watty cold at 2 zip (first to 3) but a chicken bone in the throat caused him to miss a gimme last ball when he was straight on the black, Watty then does what he does best and tied it all up and just went out with ease, that was to make the winners side final to play me,


    Thank you JL, Watty then despatched me in the final with ease as well. There was some sound pool played today with Himono Greenie Davo Mark Morrison and of course Terry Stevens all playing above themselves, the gong award this week is a toss up between the 2nd & 3rd seeds who didn`t play with their usual flair,(just ousting Steve the cueman who didn`t bother the scorers after running 3rd last month)  I am sure Damien Smith and Geoff Atkinson will be out for blood next time at Brunswick Heads on the 24th July, and probably with this scribe being their number 1 target, bring it on boys. It is great to see young Callum Wade competing well each playoffs and is 9th in the ratings and also Christian Fieldley in 8th place just poking along nicely.


    For the record Peter Watt nailed my good self in the finals with Greenie and Tezza 3rd & 4th. Good to see Credo get a lift this week, keep bringing him lads he is playing well.  Just a quick note a change to  the playoffs, the dates have been brought forward to the 3rd & 4th September to avoid a clash with the Gold Coast open singles apologies for any inconvenience to anyone. Don`t forget $10,000 comp in October at the sports club Surfers for details contact Manager Steve 07 5592 0611 or 0433394571.


Cheers Poppy