2005 2nd Ranker

On a sad note Byron Bay racehorse identity Mr William Compton suffered a badly strained back whilst celebrating his 59th birthday with a game of tennis. What possesses one at 59 to pick up a tennis racket after 20 years of inactivity is beyond me, (I can picture it and it is not a pretty sight) stick to pool Billy we need you back for Evans Head and the Masters on the 28th August. Once again Peter Watt and Damien Smith proved a class above their rivals, but there was a sensational effort by Steve (now I am not saying he is slooooow but while most players get called at 30 seconds Steve gets called at 30 minutes) Chapman to beat Watty in the main draw and finish in the top 4. Like a fine wine Steve is improving every time he plays. Our Australian ladies 9 ball champ Mel (agnoma) Malone loves pool so much she “throws” her 1st round to get more play in the back half, I am not far behind her in that regard I have to say, and Mels partner in crime Wayne Worsley continues to impress every week. Rod Beehaz lost 1st round but bounced back to finish top 6 good job.


    All in all the concept is going great and is giving a lot of players who would never have the chance to gauge their ability against top class players like Watty and rep players like Damien, Geoff, and Mel and really see how top cuests perform. See you all at Evans Head next month. Biggest improver on the day was Warren Knight who claimed 4 points at Brunswick Heads and 12 today, going backwards Terry “the arm” Stevens from a big 12 points to a dismal 6 today. Oh yes the whinging pom Chris Blanton got out of his sick bed to compete today (he probably should have stayed in it) and with a new pot black cue (brought from Greg Dingle, the man to see for by far the best deals on any pool or snooker gear in Australia (07) 55991662) he blitzed early and played as good as I have seen him, and if the poms show half his fight they may well draw a test in the upcoming ashes series. (if it rains). Damian Smith finished 1st from Peter Watt a reversal from round 1, the best pot out of the day was Damians 1minute out to eliminate Geoff Atkinson in the deciding frame. It really was great to see the players willing to travel, and improve on their game, swervin Mervin, Nestor, Himono and the Tweed lads to name a few. CHEERS POPPY


Footnote : Pool comp every Wednesday at the Ferry Road Tavern, Bundal, (cnr Cotlew st & ferry Road) not far to Surfers Paradise, 7.00 start Run by Peter Watt, $10 ($5 for the girls and b graders)entry $5 buybacks best of 3, on holiday? Visiting? Come and have a crack at some of the coasts best cuests. Average prizemoney over $300 paid to 4th.

Dolphins Hotel Tweed Heads, free comp every monday night (money back if you lose 1st round)  $100 prizemoney ($50 1st $30 2nd $20 3rd). Free pool all day and night. 2 tables huge and TAB area.