2007 2nd Ranker

Well we all trekked off to Casino on Sunday 18th March (no not jupiters) 30 odd k's past Lismore to give the locals exposure to our 2nd ranking tournament. The local representation was dismal with only Ben Benn and Johnny Latta making the effort to play off. Still the Oxenford Hotel was a super venue with 3 tables, good meals, a poker game and a pleasant grassed area outside for the desperate smokers.
We ended up with a field of 21 and it was good to see Joe Buckley and Caroline back in the fray from Yamba. Joe was pretty chuffed to get Watty first up so much so that she deliberately (at least I hope it was deliberate) missed a straight red to close the game (the next 2 balls were unmissable) so that she could still call Pete Mr 100%.
Michael Briscoe made the trip down from Brisbane and he was enjoying the drive so much he went through Ballina (another 60 odd k's) but once he got there he had a great day.
The coolie young guns Callum and Credo never won a game between them the trip down must have sapped their energy. The coast young guns were the opposite with Blake, Trent and Newcastle Dave firing on all cylinders. Trent and Blake both hammered me (join the queue) and played off in the semi for the chance to take down Watty, Trent got up due to a slightly lower BAC but couldn't get Mr 100%, but they can both be really happy with the way they were hitting the balls. Newc was cruising along all right but Vikki brought him back to earth and she got the cash for the leading lady.
Mr Bean looked good early but was outed from the main draw by Trent and I was looking forward to how he would cope through the losers side, but he sooked and went home so we will never know. Needs to get used to losing I fear, if he doesn't he will be going home early a lot. He can play but the mental side of it needs a lot of working on if he is to take the next step.
Good to see Mel (Pedro's better half) having a crack and adding to the ladies numbers that badly need to improve. Pedro himself wasn't his usual brilliant best along with his mentor Mr North who also had a day he would rather forget.
Josh ran 5th and he would be well pleased with his effort and he had a shot to go further but pulled it, still a very good effort from Josh. Most of the rest of us will be aiming for the 3rd tournament at Twin Towns on the 22nd April to further our cause. Only one thing more Watty got the money and was hitting them as well as usual. So Mr 100% it stays for the time being.
Our thanks to Mark, Greenie, Min, Kerry, and all those named for putting in the effort to travel and support us it is appreciated. To all those who stayed home to watch the Titans get rolled they could have watched it at Casino and enjoyed a great afternoon.
Our thanks to Publican Brian and his friendly staff at the Oxenford Hotel we will be making the trip down again for sure.