2007 NSW Open Singles

Watty and Travis ended up as joint champions when proceedings were called to a halt by Coolie Hotel security at some ungodly hour of the morning. A full report will follow as soon as all the details get to me. Cheers Poppy

OK down to business. We had 21 competitors with ladies Vikki and Annie throwing their hats into the ring, which was good as the current Australian champion Travis Crawley flew up to take part and most of the field were looking forward to seeing him play and as I was getting the opportunity to play him.

We played best of 15 frames double elimination on 6 tables at the Coolangatta Hotel. The tables have fairly big pockets and most games tend to be very open. Travis was seeded 1 of course followed by Watty at 2 Dax at 3 and Dave Smallwood at 4th seed. First round victors were Trent who then went straight into Travis and went well but the final black wouldn’t drop for him and out he went from the winners side but happy with his efforts. The senior citizens flag was kept flying by big Al Kane, my good self and P North who all progressed early. 4th seed and senior citizen stumbled at the first fence and blamed the table as he does. Newcastle who belted him 8-1 played on the same table as far as I could see. Play the conditions is the best motto as you both have to put up with them. The tables were actually very true except for the rolls. Other early winners were Dene H, Geoffrey, Greeny,Dax,and of course Watty and Travis.

Things started to heat up after the early rounds but watching the form it was obvious Travis and Watty were going to hold the whip hands in the latter rounds. Greenie had great chances to put Travis out but just slipped a couple of times when he had games in his control. Big Al was outstayed by Poppy then Travis outsprinted Poppy. Newcastle went down in a close one with Greenie 8-6 before Greenie went to Travis. Silver fell in against kiwi Darryl 8-7 then went out to Dax 8-4. Northy also fell to Dax 8-6 but had copious chances to cause an upset but just couldn’t finish it off. So all the senior citizens had early finishes with only Jeff Peters holding up our honour in the back half by playing very well to just be beaten by the odd frame in the game for 3rd by Dene Heremaia whon then fell to Travis and finished 3rd. Watty had cruised through past young Dean then "old" Dene to reach the winners playoff. Steve Geraghty belted Jeff Peters but then found the Green machine to much but he showed good form.

We had a "minor" hicucp when a late booked function forced us to move 3 tables to another room to continue. The finals continued in conditions that were not as good (lightwise) as early on. Watty and Travis squared up and Watty played out of his skin to get up 8 zip. Travis didn’t do much wrong but Pete was just on a roll. Travis came back in the losers side and it was act 2 with Travis having to roll Pete twice. On the first playoff you would have Watty as odds on but Travis being the champion he is was having none of it and won the first set 6-4. By this time it was monday and the Coolie staff were getting rightfully itchy to get home and they called a halt to proceedings at 1 all in the second set. So after discussion between Travis and Watty the NSW8Ball open title for 2007 was called as joint winners a fitting result. Travis already has the number 1 seed for the Australian singles and Watty is the NSW seeded player. Good luck to them both in October.